The LeverDrive system is a new way to control, drive and propel your existing wheelchair. However, because the system is controlled by YOU, there are a few things that are required of your physicality to make us a good fit for your mobility needs:

1. Upper body and arm use – The LeverDrive is driven by the back-and-forth "rowing" motion of your arms. You need some mobility and control of your arms and upper body to make the chair go. If you are suffering from a debilitating symptom that disallows you from pushing your arms forward, extending your arms, changing the angle of your wrists, or moving your shoulders, the LeverDrive will not be useful for your needs.

2. Grip strength – The natural landing spot for your hands will be on the LeverDrive handles…which is a MUCH cleaner spot than the wheels. HOWEVER, there is a minimum amount of grip strength that is required to hold on to the handles. It's not much…you don't need to be an arm-wrestler…but you will require a small amount of hand flexibility/mobility to be able to properly operate the chair safely. If you can shake hands, you can very likely LeverDrive. If not, we're afraid the LeverDrive is not going to fit your needs.

3. Anti-tip mechanism – The LeverDrive system provides a great deal of torque that allows the user to propel themselves over terrain that would be challenging in a conventionally powered manual wheelchair. As a result, the user needs to have an “anti-tip” mechanism installed to use the LeverDrive system safely.

4. Available for wheelchairs with 7/16" and 1/2" diameter axles. LeverDrive wheels are 24" in diameter.

I assume any risk of harm or injury which might occur. I release the organization or business from all liability, costs and damages which might arise from my use of the LeverDrive system.

By clicking "I understand.” below, you agree to the above statements, and that the LeverDrive system will be used in combination with an “anti-tip” mechanism.