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LeverDrive = Mobility


System One    Regular Mount

One complete LeverDrive System - a matched pair.


$749.00 USD

"This thing is remarkable! Comfort, performance, and great maneuverability... and my arms feel so strong! It's so much better to LeverDrive!"

Nicole, 30

"Think tank driver meets bench's the exact same motion. Steering, braking, and motion control, all without moving my hands!"

Marty, 62

"No more dirty hands and no more sore shoulders! Why didn't somebody think of this sooner?"


Jeni, 73


System Two    Quick-Release

One complete LeverDrive System - a quick-release pair.


$799.00 USD

"New Wheelchair Design Improves Maneuverability" - Managed Care Magazine

LeverDrive is recommended by medical professionals, physical therapists and, most importantly, our customers - worldwide.

Available for wheelchairs with 7/16" and 1/2" diameter axles. LeverDrive wheels are 24" in diameter.

LeverDrive's ease-of-use, simplicity, and remarkably low price makes it unique amongst mobility technologies. Let us outfit your mobile lifestyle with a LeverDrive system today.

Made proudly in the USA. Manufactured under US Patent 7,556,274.

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